Empowered offers multiple forms of therapy for individuals, couples, dyads, triads, polygroups, and more.  We are LGBTQIA-Affirmative, Sex-Positive, and knowledgeable in:

Common Relationship Issues
Uncomfortably High or Low Sex Drive
HIV Emotional and Sexual Support
Physical and Intellectual Disabilities

Kink, incl. AB/DL Lifestyle

Sex Therapy by MSPSY                

* Focus on sexual concerns impacting client(s) and/or their relationship(s)

​* Physical Issues treated through use of "Sensate Focus", developed by Masters & Johnson

* Relationship issues treated through communication and sexual homework assignments

* Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) often utilized to boost efficacy and speed of treatment

*Private Pay only (Missouri does not recognize Sex Therapy and thus insurance companies won't cover)

​Vaginal Discomfort/Pain
LGBTQIA Relationships and Concerns
Autism and Sensory Issues
Sexual Traumas
​Impulsive/Out of Control Behavior

​...and a variety of other areas!


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