​Telehealth Case Consultation

  • Assisting other BCBAs with their cases
  • This may be:
    • ​Meetings with BCBA
    • Applying research
    • Directly supervising sessions
    • One-time
    • Ongoing

Telehealth Parent or Staff Training

  • Trainings in Sexuality, ABA, ACT
  • Speeds up treatment
  • Learn to:
    • Implement behavioral principles and strategies
    • Think behaviorally
    • Address the issue at hand with knowledge​​


ABA/SBA Services Offered - Private Pay or DMH Waiver

Telehealth ABA/SBA Assessment

  • This leads to consultation or referral
  • Plan contains recommendations and goal
  • Is included in Case Consultation services and is applied as-warranted

Empowering people through sexual education, support, and human connections, as we all work toward better, more fulfilling lives.

We offer, on a case by case basis, direct ongoing service for DMH-funded individuals with ID or ASD dx, and have moved most cases to consultation and training as focus areas, allowing us to make systemic-level change and assist more teams.  Due to the nature of our services, we do not adhere to most insurance plans' policies and have exited all major networks.

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