ABA/SBA Services Offered - Private Pay or DMH Waiver

​Telehealth Case Consultation

  • Assisting other BCBAs with their cases
  • This may be:
    • ​Meetings with BCBA
    • Applying research
    • Directly supervising sessions
    • One-time
    • Ongoing

Telehealth ABA/SBA Assessment

  • This leads to consultation or referral
  • Plan contains recommendations and goal
  • Is included in Case Consultation services and is applied as-warranted

Empowering people through sexual education, support, and human connections, as we all work toward better, more fulfilling lives.

We offer, on a case by case basis, direct ongoing service for DMH-funded individuals with ID or ASD dx, and have moved most cases to consultation and training as focus areas, allowing us to make systemic-level change and assist more teams.  Due to the nature of our services, we do not adhere to most insurance plans' policies and have exited all major networks.

Telehealth Parent or Staff Training

  • Trainings in Sexuality, ABA, ACT
  • Speeds up treatment
  • Learn to:
    • Implement behavioral principles and strategies
    • Think behaviorally
    • Address the issue at hand with knowledge​​

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