• Focus on sexual concerns impacting client(s) and/or their relationship(s)

  • ​Physical Issues treated through use of "Sensate Focus", developed by Masters & Johnson

  • Relationship issues treated through communication and sexual homework assignments

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) often utilized to boost efficacy and speed of treatment

  • Private Pay only (Missouri does not recognize Sex Therapy and thus insurance companies won't cover)


Empowering people through sexual education, support, and human connections, as we all work toward better, more fulfilling lives.

  • Common Relationship Issues
  • Uncomfortably High or Low Sex Drive
  • HIV Emotional and Sexual Support
  • Physical and Intellectual Disabilities
  • Polyamorism
  • Kink, incl. AB/DL Lifestyle
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  • Vaginal Discomfort/Pain
  • LGBTQIA Relationships and Concerns
  • Autism and Sensory Issues
  • Sexual Traumas
  • ​Impulsive/Out of Control Behavior

​​        ...and a variety of other areas!

+Sex Therapy for individuals, couples, dyads, triads, polygroups, and more.  LGBTQIA+-Affirmative, Sex-Positive, and knowledgeable in:

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​Sex Therapy by MSPSY