Sex eD&D is a Sociosexual Skills Group for folks on the Autism Spectrum adventuring through lessons on: Consent, Flirting, Sexual Orientation & Gender Exploration, Catfishing. Attendees must be at least 18 years of age and pass a free intake assessment (to be conducted after this application).

Cost is $40 per week for the duration of the adventure (about 7 weeks)

Sex Education

Sexuality Education Services:

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We are currently accepting applications for our Sex eD&D program!

There are few things as important as education, and sexuality is often a subject too intimidating or "taboo" for educators to address.  There are many arguments for comprehensive sexuality education as a means for preventing unwanted pregnancies, STIs, and especially abuse.

Our team of Sexuality Educators is diverse and credentialed in a variety of relevant areas.  We have a Certified Sexuality Educator (CSE), one Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) nearing the same credential, and a BCBA who has met all criteria for certification as a Certified Sex Therapist (CST).

Class has been temporarily postponed as we work to set up a true clinical trial of the curriculum's efficacy.

​​Sex education can also be fun, real, and enjoyable. We all need to learn about it at some, or multiple, times in our lives.  So, why not learn from people who actually know what they're talking about?  The American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT)* certifies instructors in these areas.  The Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network (GLSEN)* also trains instructors in LGBTQIA+-specific sexuality education and universal safer-sex practices.

Individual Instruction

  • ​​​Same as Group, but one on one for privacy and more personal Q&A

Module Learning

  • ​Come learn about a specific topic, pick from them beforehand!

Empowering people through sexual education, support, and human connections, as we all work toward better, more fulfilling lives.


Group Instruction

  • ​​​Staff Trainings
    • ​​Staff at agencies, schools, or other facilities may request trainings in areas of sexuality or to have a specialist assist with a particular case.
  • Community Events and Seminars
    • ​​Be on the lookout for events, many FREE, posted on our Facebook page!
  • ​SOS - Sexuality on the Spectrum
    • This class is for young adults who are on the Autism Spectrum and are looking to date or simply understand the adult world after having completed a PEERS* course at another agency OR our own Social Skills Evaluation.